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Nueva herramienta para remover las puntas de las raíces (En inglés)

DentalBlogs nos trae la más reciente creación de InventDent, un instrumento que permite retirar las puntas de las raíces para aquellos casos complicados en los que es imposible acudir a la cirugía dental. Aseguran desde DentalBlogs que no causa traumas excesivos o innecesarios. La foto también es de DentalBlogs


InventDent introduces the Root Tip Remover…
* Extracting a difficult tooth?
* Did you break off the root tip in the bottom of the socket?
* Is it too late to call the Oral Surgeon?
* Don’t spend thousands of dollars on expensive root removal kits!
* Remove root tips in minutes, and save your production for the rest of the day!
The Root Tip Remover is a finger instrument that will allow you to remove root tips without causing substantial or unneeded trauma to the surrounding hard and soft tissues. Allowing for increased healing time, and a more predictable end result. The crisscross design allows the doctor to turn the cylindrical finger grip without tearing their gloves, while maintaining enough grip to screw the Root Tip Remover down into the remaining root tip for removal.
The Root Tip Remover will also be useful when a tooth is decayed past the gumline / boneline. This oral surgery instrument will allow you to pass through the soft decay/caries, and allow access to the root tip. The fine radial point with cutting edges will allow any doctor to insert the fine point into the finest root canal for removal. Once the instrument is screwed/moved down into the dentin and anchored you will have enough leverage to sever the periodontal ligament along with the pulpal nerve tissue. This will allow you to remove the root tip, quickly and efficiently. You will be able to remove root tips that would be impossible to extract without removing important supportive bone and tissues in the area with the instruments you are currently using.
The Root Tip Remover is a key instrument in bone management! It allows you to keep the bone intact around tooth socket. This is vital for predictable implant integration, and ridge preservation!
*** Tie floss around the base of the finger grip, draping it out of the patient’s mouth. If it is dropped then this will allow you to retrieve it easily.
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